Wednesday, August 10, 2011

First Look at the New Room

After a warm welcome to Holland from the Dijkkamps and a day of sorting things out on the internet at their wonderful home in Waalre on Tuesday, we decided to go get the key to my new room in Wageningen today. I have my own little kitchen and a fairly large room, complete with desk, bed, wardrobe and desk chair. I'm on the 10th floor, so the view is amazing and I can step out of my enormous window onto a small balcony that extends around the building. Pictures will come onto facebook of the room as soon as its better decorated and set up. We have a lot of shopping to do, to fill a whole kitchen and get some extra drawers and probably a couch. Having to bring my own TP and my keys with me every time I have to go to the bathroom will take some getting used to...along with sharing a shower with about 7 people in my corridor. Luckily (?) Europeans don't shower as often as Americans.

This first week of moving will be pretty stressful with all the registering and shopping and such, but once I'm settled in I think I'll love the adorable town of Wageningen. Today we stumbled upon the awesome market that happens in the city center every Wednesday and Saturday, and there are many nice shops and cafes. You can see campus from my window, and I can bike downtown to the city center in about 5 minutes.

Today I also bought my first dutch bike! A used, beat up bike for 65 Euros (originally 75, but my mom was able to haggle it down!) that I hope will blend in enough so as not to get stolen! I don't think I've met anyone here who HASN'T had a bike stolen, though, so we'll see how this goes.


  1. Can't wait to see pictures of your room, the view and of course your bike!
    Take care