Sunday, August 14, 2011

All Set Up

Happy Birthday, Paul!!!

Pictures of my new room are on facebook now :) here's a sample:

I was very lucky to have my Aunt Marianne give me a few of my Oma's watercolor paintings! The picture of the sunflowers was the one I chose to display first :) A lot of extra furniture and decorations were from the Dijkkamps and Sanders families, too. Much appreciated!

I'm glad to be pretty much set up, and my room is feeling more and more like home. Yesterday Pauline and Lisanne visited me and we had a wonderful afternoon shopping in the city center and cooking my first dinner here. It's so amazing to already have so many good friends and relatives here that are willing to help me out! There won't even be an opportunity for me to be lonely in this country. On Friday my introduction days will begin and I'll then be able to meet new friends in Wageninen. Until then, I'll be setting up all the legal matters and spending time with Mom before she goes back to the US a week from today.

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