Friday, August 19, 2011

First Day of AID

Yesterday was the first day of the introduction days! 6 days of learning about the town, the school and parties all put together by the school and organized by other students. We met our "family" (2 mentors and 10 other students) who we will basically be spending the week with. I mostly hung out with with 2 dutch people, 2 greeks and a french girl. Very exciting :) In the afternoon there was a whole field full of games and blow-up obstacle courses that we played, then we met in the city center for a drink before heading off to dinner together. After dinner, there was a huge outdoor party with all the first year students under a tent, where out school President and Vice Mayor of Wageningen came to speak and tell us to drink a lot this week because some of the profits go to charity, haha. Today we will have a picnic, do a scavenger hunt throughout the town, learn about some student clubs, and check out the Street Theatre Festival going on in town.

Before all of this excitement, I had a few frustrations with Holland...I've learned never to expect any office to get anything done in a timely manner. And also not to completely trust the answers they give you. No one seems to reeeally know whats going on...ever....but eventually I'll get everything worked out, haha. I also met with my advisor to pick my courses for the year! I'll be starting with Food Ingredient Functionality and Molecular Gastronomy (where the lab portion of the course is cooking !!).

Also, if anyone is curious what our main Hub/Library looks like :

Usually its a bit more quiet, though...

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