Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Well, it's been a really long time since I've updated this. Very many amazing things have happened since! Trips to Germany, Switzerland, the Canary Islands. I am loving my courses. While learning practical food science skills, I'm also getting to make and eat ice cream and even taste fancy foods and wine. I've picked a topic for my thesis next year. I moved to a new student house, with about 25 international students all sharing a big kitchen and living room. It's a bit like a co-ed frat house, only cleaner...It's much nicer to be living with people :)

I've learned a lot about myself and am loving my experiences here. Today, I have a particularly interesting story. Later I'll have to give a better update.

With the climbing club, I was helping to organize a barbecue (yes, I know its winter, so we called it the "brrrrbq"), since I've joined the activities committee. First, I go to my bike and the back tire is flat. again. even though I just had it replaced last week. Oh well, I'll take my out fancy nice race bike. It's not raining too hard.

I'm carrying 2 pvc pipes that I plan to use to introduce an american tailgating game (beersbie). While struggling to hold them in my left hand, while biking with the right, one of them drops. A car immediately comes behind me and runs right over it, crushing it into tons of pieces. Hmm....whoops...

No American tailgating games were played tonight....but it was still a wonderful barbecue, with wonderful people and, of course, beer and a campfire.

So, life is still good :D Slowly I'll get better at biking without hands, which the dutch have all mastered....